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Former chief accountant for U.S. stops in La Crosse, talks fiscal cliff

Published On: Jan 25 2013 08:47:15 AM CST

David Walker, former chief accountant for U.S.


A former chief accountant for the U.S. makes a stop in La Crosse to address the remaining pitfalls from the fiscal cliff.

David Walker worked with Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s administrations.

At a presentation in La Crosse Thursday night, he will outline his plan for Washington lawmakers to come up with a Grand Bargain.

That consists of imposing budget controls, changing Medicare, reducing spending, and tax reforms over the next few years.

Walker says one of the biggest factors in controlling our nation’s finances is passing a budget.

Congress hasn't passed a budget in four years and Walker believes this will set the table for the grand bargain.

"The more you put on the table the better, because republicans are going to have to give on taxes and democrats are going to have to give on social insurance reforms, and the only way you're going to get both is if you do it in conjunction with each other,” Walker said.