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Hollywood Theater gets new roof

Published On: Jan 04 2013 11:02:59 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 04 2013 11:15:38 PM CST

The Hollywood Theater in downtown La Crosse took a major step closer to re-opening. There's now a new roof on the historic theater.

The old roof was in such bad shape, the structural supports had rotted away and every time it rained, water poured into the building.

Now that the new roof is in place, crews will work on getting rid of mold and asbestos, and adding heating and electrical.

They're still far from opening, but the roof was an important step. "To actually have something substantial like a roof done is very important, it shows that it is possible to get this building up and running again and again that was the first step, without the roof stopping the leak then there was really no way to do anything else inside and so now we can move forward," said owner Phil Addis.

Addis is preparing to launch a public fundraising campaign to help pay for the renovation project. He plans to have the theater open later this year.