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Hollywood Theater unveils final marquee designs

Published On: Mar 11 2013 12:40:02 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 12 2013 07:15:27 AM CDT

The Hollywood Theater unveiled the final two design options for the building's marquee on Monday morning.

The final two designs were voted on by the Theater's Facebook fans.

"There really are two different ones," said Hollywood Theater Owner Phil Addis. "You want a traditional art deco design for the theater, which was an art deco theater, or you want more of an old looking design for more of an older downtown look. Either one would be great for us."

The Hollywood green and white design is the art deco design and the red and yellow design is more historic deign, Addis said. The final marquee choice will affect the design of the lobby to best fit the art deco or historic downtown look, Addis said.

The Hollywood Theater also unveiled its new website on Monday, which is where you can vote on which marquee you would like to see. The Theater also has a new phone number: (608) 784-FILM.

Addis says donations to the Hollywood Theater are now tax exempt if you donate through its website. The Theater is working with Fractured Atlas, an arts organization, to make this possible.  Addis did not want to disclose how much money the Hollywood Theater needs raise at this point.

Addis says it will take about 120 days to renovate the building. Addis hopes the Hollywood Theater will be able to open by June.