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In Search Of…Adoption Update

Published On: Dec 24 2013 02:53:06 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 12 2013 11:06:40 AM CST
In Search Of...Adoption Update



When Rick and Rona Steinhoff got married in 2004, she brought four kids to the marriage. He brought two.  

“We were content having the 6 boys,” Rick said. 

Turns out content is about the biggest understatement ever made because over the next six years, they adopted 14 children: 5 from the U.S. and 9 from Africa. Each time claiming, “We’re done. We’re content.” And yet three years later, here we are again. This big unconventional family waiting for its newest members.  

Turns out, there were two little special needs girls from China, Rona and Rick knew were meant for them. 

They were gone two weeks, and now it is time for the rest of the gang to meet 7-year-old Payton and 3-year-old Carrington. 

"How many children is this?  What day is it?” Rona laughed holding her newest children. “Right now we will have 16 at home." That doesn't include the 6 adult children. 

So will this be it?  According to Rona, “I'll never say that again. I'm done when God says I'm done.”