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La Crosse police warn college students about underage drinking

Published On: Sep 19 2013 03:25:59 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 19 2013 04:26:25 PM CDT

La Crosse police are delivering door hangers to residents around the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

They’re warning students about the cost of specific alcohol-related offenses in light of Oktoberfest parties that are likely to begin at the end of next week.

On one side of the door hanger is the police-community partnership with neighborly responsibilities when hosting a party, like “Keep noise down” and “pick up trash.” On the other side of the door hanger is a list of alcohol-related offenses and the cost associated with them.

All alcohol violations carry a mandatory court appearance.

-Lic. req. to sell malt beverage (20.02a)    $1,626.00
-Lic. req. to sell liquor (20.01a)                   $1,626.00
-Excessive noise from residence (7.02h)      $114.00
-Sale/Furn malt bev. to underage (20.02g6)  $303.00
-Sale/Furn liquor to underage (20.01k)      $303.00
-Serving an intoxicated person (20.01k)     $303.00
-Underage drinking (20.02b)

1st Offense $240.00
  2nd Offense   $397.50
3rd Offense    $555.00
4th Offense    $681.00
5th Offense    $807.00
- Unregistered Kegs (20.02N10)              $1,311.00
-Public Consumption (7.02E)                  $114.00
- Possession of street sign (7.04O2)         $177.00
- Public Intoxication(7.02S)                     $240.00

The University of Wisconsin System Policy 17.08 may consider nonacademic misconduct occurring outside of the university campus area when determining possible student discipline.

“This information is provided to you as a courtesy of the La Crosse Police Department to assist you in making your best decision throughout the year!!” the door hanger states.