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Lockmaster: 'Mississippi River very dangerous'

Published On: Jul 03 2013 09:14:34 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 04 2013 07:31:27 AM CDT

The water is high and running swiftly with a strong current. That's according to Delene Moser, the lock master at Lock and Dam 7.

Novice boaters are encouraged to stay away from the lock and dam right now, unless conditions become less dangerous.

Anyone looking to enjoy the water this holiday weekend is reminded to have enough life preservers on board for everyone, make sure your boat is fully fueled and has extra onboard, and make sure you check that everything is in good, working order.

"The water won't cause them to lost power but once they, if they lost power the current gets swifter and stronger as it's funneled through a dam so they need to, again, have good preventative maintenance on their boat and their life equipment needs to be up to par," says Moser.

She also recommends having an anchor on board with enough line so that if you do lose power, you can drop the anchor to stop the boat.