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Children's Place pulls math shirt after backlash

Published On: Aug 06 2013 08:00:15 AM CDT   Updated On: Aug 06 2013 10:07:37 AM CDT
Children's Place math T-shirt


The Children's Place has pulled a T-shirt from store shelves after backlash from parents who claimed it "dumbed down" girls.

The purple T-shirt had a checklist called "My Best Subjects" that included shopping, dancing, music and math.

Math was the only box not checked. The words "Well, nobody's perfect" were printed underneath.

The store's Facebook page was littered with comments from disgusted parents saying they will no longer spend money there, Atlanta TV station WGCL reported.

"Shame on The Children's Place. Shirts that proclaim girls' inabilities have no place in any child's closet. Looks like the company is having difficulty with the 21st Century," wrote Lara Trubowitz on the social media site.

Tracy Johnston Zager wrote, "Count me as another furious ex-customer. The anti-math girls' T-shirt is horrible. Please pull it and educate yourselves. We will not be back unless we see a serious change."

The Children's Store responded to the criticism Monday night by saying it was pulling the shirt from shelves and its website:

"We take feedback from our customers very seriously. It has come to our attention that some of you view our Best Subjects T shirt as insensitive towards girls and women. This was not our intent. There are countless women in all walks of life who excel in math, including our very own CEO. We have pulled this product from our stores and we want to express our apologies to anyone we may have offended."