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Woman drives off in TV reporter's car

Published On: Feb 03 2014 09:14:53 AM CST   Updated On: Feb 03 2014 10:11:40 AM CST
Woman steals TV reporter's car


A Florida TV news reporter's camera was rolling when a woman decided to drive off in the station's vehicle.

Josh Taylor was investigating an alleged rental scam in Sarasota on Friday when a woman from inside the house under investigation walked out, Sarasota TV station WWSB reported.

The woman is heard telling him, "OK, I'm just going to drive your f*cking car," before getting in and taking off.

She's later filmed walking back down the street and telling Taylor, "You can go get in your car. It's down there."

"Well the police are on the way, so you'll be seeing them," Taylor responded.

It's not clear why the woman stole the vehicle, but police said she could face grand theft auto charges.