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Winona native Alec Brown reflects on final season at UW-GB

Published On: Feb 23 2014 07:28:03 PM CST



Thursday night was big night to celebrate a big man who's done big things.

Green Bay's center, Alec Brown, has put together a career that ranks with the very best players to ever put on a Phoenix uniform, even if that seemed far away for him in the beginning.

"It was tough," he said. "It was something I wasn't used to. My body physically wasn't prepared for something like that as a freshman. I didn't really know what to expect coming in."

But the seven-footer packed on 30 lbs. and continued to improve each year.

"Time in the weight room, getting stronger, just eating more food, gaining weight. Or improving my shot. Taking a couple steps back and starting to shoot the three my junior year. Just little things here and there that helped my game."

When asked what motivates him, Brown said simply, helping the team win. And with that team-first mindset, and a mentality to not look ahead, the Phoenix senior has shied away from talking about his NBA prospects in the past, but Brown admits he does think about life after college.

"Just like any other regular student, they have to worry about what job they're going to do after college and that's basically where I'm at. I have to think about the future and think about where I'm going to be after this. What I do now each game is going to help me get there."

As the only player to pile up ,1500-plus points, 750-plus rebounds, and 250-plus blocks in a career in Horizon League history, he's building quite the resume. But he's hoping his best moments with this team are still yet to come.

UW-Green Bay won its first Horizon League title in 18 years. They'll host the Horizon League Championship.