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Wishing for a Well: Part Two

Published On: Aug 23 2013 04:45:27 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 23 2013 07:28:13 PM CDT



After two years of fundraising, Claire and Emma Herek from Elroy accomplished their goal of having two wells dug in Malawi, Africa.

And now, they get to see the finished product first-hand.

Emma and Claire have made and sold thousands of bracelets and held other fundraisers to raise enough money to dig wells in Malawi, Africa.

A day of flights was a short wait for Emma and Claire Herek to see first-hand the fruits of their two-year effort.

"I was like shaking because of how excited I was," said Emma Herek.

After hand-making more than 2,000 bracelets and raising more than $20,000 to have two wells dug in Malawi, Africa, Emma and Claire arrived.

"Half a mile down the dirt road we saw the well," said Claire.

"We were there for probably 15 minutes at the most and then we went and cut the ribbons and washed our hands to test the water and then we went back and had our whole service and they were thanking us," said Emma.

"It was amazing just seeing what we had put in and how everyone was so excited," said Claire.

Visiting the second well site was similar to the first.

The girls spoke and gave sports equipment to the kids.

While the ceremonies were exciting, Emma and Claire also saw the need and poverty they've heard about from their grandparents all their lives.

"They live in shacks, like hay shacks," said Emma. "They could probably fit 30 huts in our house. Their huts were small and they had maybe six people staying in them. It was sad," said Emma.

It's a reality they say changes the way they view life in America.

"I knew we were going to go there and come back and I knew we were going to appreciate it more but we do appreciate it more, it's crazy," said Emma.

"It made me appreciate a lot more stuff because all of our food that we can buy and water and they don't have that," said Claire.

Now back at home in Elroy, Emma and Claire have pictures, and a few gifts to remember their time.

And while it may seem like their mission is accomplished, Emma and Claire say it's only just begun.

"I honestly think that it will always be something that runs within my family. It will continue and be part of us," said Emma.

The girls plan on raising another $10,000 to put in one more well in a village they visited in Africa.

If you'd like more information on how you can be part of the Malawi well effort visit,