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Xcel Energy budget billing plan helps customers

Published On: Jan 28 2014 04:24:12 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 29 2014 07:22:40 AM CST
Xcel Energy bill



Heaters have been running non-stop lately and that means big heating bills. 

Xcel Energy has a way to keep those bills down in high usage months. Its budget billing program spreads out the cost of heating and cooling your home over 12 months. 

The program estimates how much you will pay and averages it out over the year. That way homeowners can avoid the spikes in cost during cold times like this. 

"You may be paying more in October or April or May than you might have, which are the shorter months, but then when you get to July and August it's that same amount, or close to that same amount,” said Xcel Energy Community Service Manager Mike Herro. 

You can set up budget billing plan on their website, or by calling Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999.And if you are behind on your bill, they can help you set up a payment plan.